IDrive® BMR backup agent

Install the backup agent on the computers you wish to secure with your IDrive BMR device. The agent works with the device interface to perform regular and CBT-based incremental backups.

To secure a computer,


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System requirements

Backup agent version 4.4.1

IDrive® BMR firmware version 6.0.0 and below

IDrive® BMR Recovery Media Builder

Install the IDrive BMR Recovery Media Builder application, create an ISO recovery media and upload it to the IDrive BMR device interface for future use.

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System requirements

Linux-based recovery media (ready to use)

Download a Linux-based pre-built recovery environment to boot up a Linux computer on which bare-metal restore needs to be initiated.

We recommend that you create a WinRE-based recovery media using the IDrive BMR Recovery Media Builder. You can use Linux-based recovery only if you do not have ready access to an alternate computer from where you can build the WinRE-based recovery media.

Linux recovery instructions

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System Requirements

MSI package for remote deployment

Download the MSI package and deploy the IDrive BMR backup agent on multiple computers in your network via Microsoft Active Directory GPO.

To deploy the IDrive BMR backup agent,

  • 1Download the MSI package to your computer.
  • 2Copy the MSI package to a network-shared folder.
  • 3Set up mass deployment using Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy. Know more

Note: For the installation to be successful, you must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable installed on your system. Click here to download the latest update.

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