Ensure access to the following ports for device management, computer backup, cloud access, cloud replication, and partner manage.

IDrive BMR device

Port Usage Incoming/Outgoing
55414 HTTP web interface Incoming
35623 UDP broadcast for discovery Outgoing

Client device

Port Usage
35622 UDP broadcasts for discovery
35623 Commands and image backups

Cloud manage

Port Destination Protocol
5349 bmrturn.idrivelite.com UDP & TCP - Inbound/Outbound

Cloud replication

Port Destination Protocol
443 bmroregon.idrive.com TCP outbound
443 bmrvirginia.idrive.com TCP outbound

Partner manage

Port Destination Protocol
443 us-west-1.idrivetunnel.com TCP & TLS Outbound
443 accessbmr.idrive.com TCP Outbound