ConnectWise Manage is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform commonly used by Managed Services Providers (MSPs) as a single pane of glass for MSP business operations. Typical use cases include customer record management, billing, and tracking services delivered via Service Desk tickets.

Authentication in IDrive® 360 using API Member

API Member is an entity in ConnectWise that allows access to a ConnectWise Manage account. The permissions can be modified as per the business requirements.

Follow the below steps to authenticate an API member.

  1. Log into ConnectWise Manage console.
  2. Go to 'System' tab and select 'Security Roles'.
    Idrive 360
  3. Click '+' , enter the 'Role ID' and save.
  4. Provide the following permissions:
    • Companies -> Company Maintenance
      • Inquire Level -> All
    • Companies -> Contacts
      • Inquire Level -> All
    • Project -> Project Tickets
      • Inquire Level -> All
    • Service Desk -> Service Tickets
      • Add Level -> All
      • Edit Level -> All
      • Inquire Level -> All
    • System -> Table Setup (customize -> Service / Service Board)
      • Inquire Level -> All
  5. Select 'System' -> 'Members' to create a new API member.
    Idrive 360
  6. Go to 'API Members' tab and click +.
  7. Enter the required information and select the 'Role ID' created in the above steps.
  8. Click 'Save'.
    Idrive 360
  9. Go to the 'API Keys' tab and click +.
  10. Provide description for the new API Keys and click 'Save'.
    Idrive 360
  11. Copy the Public Key and Private Key generated and save them for future reference.
  12. Note:The Private Key is visible only for the first time. Make sure to save the key.

  13. Login to your IDrive® 360 account and go to 'Settings' > 'ConnectWise Manage' tab.
  14. Provide the ConnectWise credentials (created in the above steps) to authenticate the API member.
    Idrive 360
  15. On successful authentication, save the credentials and you will be redirected to the 'Tickets' tab.

Configure Service Board on IDrive® 360

  1. Go to 'System' > 'Setup Tables' and search for the 'Service Board'.
    Idrive 360
  2. Click '+' and enter the required details to create a service board.
  3. Go to 'Types' tab and create a new type for the service board.
    Idrive 360
  4. Create Subtypes, Items, and Statuses in a similar manner.
  5. Go to 'Teams', and create a team by providing the required details.
  6. Log in to your IDrive® 360 account and go to 'Settings' > 'ConnectWise Manage' tab.
  7. Provide all the service board details and save it.


  1. While creating a company under ConnectWise Manage Console, ensure that the Company ID (in Companies tab in ConnectWise Manage console) and Company Name (in IDrive® 360 dashboard) are the same.
  2. The company must have a contact present under it.
  3. The company must be in Active state to allow ticket creation and editing.
  4. The Service Board must have a default team for ticket generation.