Round-the-clock Google Workspace data backup and recovery

From priority contacts to critical meeting schedules, your Google Workspace data is vast and varied. However, Google Workspace data without adequate backup is vulnerable to loss even due to a single event of failure. Your Gmail or Drive data can be accidentally deleted, Google files lost with deprovisioned licenses, or a ransomware attack can put your entire data archive at risk.

Backup for personal Google accounts

You can now configure your personal Google accounts for backup with IDrive. Secure your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts with automated daily backups. Keep your and your family’s data safe from accidental deletion and loss with automated backups 3 times a day and snapshot-based restore.

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Getting started

  • backup console

    Enable Backup

    Enable backup for all the Google Workspace users of your organization

  • Managment console

    Monitor backup

    Your Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, and Contacts data will be backed up automatically

  • Managment console

    Granular restore

    Restore individual or entire Drive, Shared Drives, Gmail, Contacts, and Calendars

  • Managment console

    Centralized management

    Manage users, monitor backups, perform restores, configure data retention via web console

* You need to add your Google Workspace account to the IDrive service for backup. Know more

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  • A seat refers to a Google Workspace user. Each seat added to the account will be charged $20/Year.
  • Storage beyond the assigned 10 TB per seat will be charged $20/TB/Year.
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