IDrive Google Backup for Personal Accounts offers a low-effort and affordable solution that will backup your files in the background and keep them safe and secure until you need them.

Sean Riley, Laptop, March 28, 2024

Protect your Google Personal account data

Safeguard your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts applications data from your Google Personal accounts with IDrive. Backup your documents, sheets, photos, videos, presentations, email accounts, calendars, and contacts to a single account and maintain anytime access and restore abilities.

Getting Started

  • backup console

    Enable Backup

    Click Google Workspace in your IDrive account and enable backup for your personal Google account.

  • Managment console

    Monitor backup

    Your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts data will be backed up.

  • Managment console

    Granular restore

    Recover your backed up Google personal data from a centralized web console.

* You need to add personal Google account to the IDrive for backup. Know more