Why IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup is better? IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup Afi.ai Microsoft Office 365 Backup
Priced at $20/Seat/Year
Priced at $36/User/Year

Free Sharepoint Sites and Teams backup*

Microsoft Office 365 Personal account backup

No minimum number of licenses

No minimum purchase of license required

Minimum purchase of 5 licenses required


Offers Unlimited Storage

Offers up to 50GB of storage per user license

User-friendly interface

Easy to navigate and enable backup in few simple steps

UI navigation not ideal for non-technical users

Single management portal

Centralized management portal for managing all workloads from one place

Single management portal for all workloads not available, difficult to manage larger workloads

Clear notifications

IDrive notifies whenever an error occurs via dashboard alerts

Confusing notifications in cases of errors, no direct insights into an error and how to fix it

Clear labels for restored data

Clear data labeling, easy for users to identify the source of the restored data

Each restored document receives a new ID. This is confusing for the user to identify the original label of the restored document

7 day free trial
*More information on SharePoint and Teams backup