Why IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup is better? IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup Backupify Microsoft Office 365 Backup
Priced at $20/Seat/Year
Priced at $36/user/Year

Free Sharepoint Sites and Teams backup

No minimum number of licenses

No minimum purchase of license required

Minimum purchase of 100 licenses required


Offers Unlimited Storage

Reserves the right to limit product usage or cloud storage for activity or usage that results in excessive bandwidth or storage usage


Ideal for businesses of all sizes, startups to enterprises

Not ideal for very small businesses with less than 100 employees

User interface

User-friendly interface; easy to navigate; enable backup in few simple steps

Does not have an intuitive user interface

Backup failure notification

IDrive notifies when a backup fails via dashboard alerts

No dashboard alerts when a backup fails

All files restored in original format

IDrive restores all files in its original format

Global Admin access and Discovery Management permissions are needed to restore Exchange Online files in PST format

Unlimited auto-add for new users

if auto-add is enabled, all new users added to the Google Workspace account will be automatically added without any limit restriction

If an auto-add user limit is set, new users added to the Microsoft Office 365 account will not be added automatically once the limit exceeds

Deleted user license auto-archived for free

Deleted Microsoft Office 365 users are auto-archived indefinitely for free

Deleted or suspended Microsoft Office 365 users will also need an active license

7 day free trial