Why should I backup my Microsoft Office 365 data with IDrive®? IDrive® Microsoft Office 365
Cost-effective pricing

Provides cost-effective plans based on storage needs, with options for individual users, businesses, and enterprises, offering competitive pricing compared to native solutions.

Backup is included with the Microsoft Office 365 subscription plans but may incur additional costs for extended retention or storage beyond allocated limits.

Simple to set up

Account configuration is simple; set up account in few steps.

Account configuration involves multiple steps.


User-friendly interface; easy to navigate; backup, restore, seat management all in one place.

Integrated within the Microsoft Office 365 environment, providing a familiar interface for users but lacks advanced management features.

Dedicated Seat management

A dedicated seat management system that is self descriptive. Auto-add new users for backup

Users must create a Backup policy and add seats

Interactive Backup

Unlimited snapshots

Protect multiple domains in one account

Teams data backup

Granular restore

Backup Overview with Visual Representation

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