Why IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup is better? IDrive® Microsoft Office 365 Backup Veeam Microsoft Office 365 Backup
Priced at $20/year for 1 seat
Starts at $20.4/ year for 1 license.
May vary for various geographical regions

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage

Users need to buy cloud storage separately

No minimum purchase of licenses for sign up

No minimum purchase of seats required

Minimum purchase of 10 licenses required

Add Unlimited licenses

Add unlimited seats or domains

Maximum of 250 licenses allowed

Free Sharepoint Sites and Teams backup

Agentless backup

Hassle-free agentless backup; does not require agent installation for each Microsoft Office 365 server

Agent-based backup solution; need to install the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 package for each server

Easy to configure

You can configure the application and connect your Microsoft Office 365 account in a few simple steps

Configuration process of the Azure AD application is lengthy and complex

Automated backups

IDrive performs fully-automated backups for all users, sites, and teams

Automated backup is not available; backup jobs need to be configured for users and drives

Microsoft Office 365 Personal account backup

IDrive support backup for Microsoft Office 365 Personal Accounts

Does not support backup for Microsoft Office 365 Personal Accounts

Daily 3x incremental backup

IDrive runs 3 incremental backups per day

Backup jobs need be scheduled

Single-click backup

Easily perform single-click OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams backup for users by going to the respective module

One-click backup is not applicable; admin has to configure separate Backup Plans to backup OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams data for the users

User management

Effective management tools available, suitable for large infrastructure

Limited user management tools

No additional roles and permissions required for backup and restore

Easily navigate across default backup modules for backup, restore, and management of your OneDrive, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Teams data

Restore operator roles need to be created to perform restore across users


The web-based application is reliable, highly available, and fast performing

Need to configure auxiliary backup applications to process SharePoint Online and OneDrive business data without throttling

7 day free trial

A seat in IDrive refers to a Microsoft Office 365 user, a SharePoint site, or a Team.