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Restore Microsoft 365 Exchange Mailbox

Deprecated Feature

This feature offering is not available for some accounts. If you wish to enable this feature, contact support.

Retrieve Microsoft 365 exchange mailbox data, such as email folders, calendars, contacts and tasks from your IDrive account easily.

To perform Microsoft 365 exchange mailbox restore,
  1. Login to the IDrive application and click the 'Server Backup' tab.
  2. Under 'Microsoft 365' section, click 'Restore'.
  3. Select global administrator to login.

    Note: Once valid credentials are provided, you will be prompted with the required permissions for Backup/Restore. Click 'Accept' to proceed.

  4. Select mailbox from the list displayed and browse the backed up mailbox from 'IDoffice365backup' folder.
  5. Click 'Restore' to restore your backup data to online exchange mailbox.

You can also restore the backed data locally. Select 'Restore to local location', browse the path to restore locally and click 'Restore'. Data will be restored in eml, vcf, ics format with folder structure intact.

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