1-Step Entire Machine Restore Instructions

1-Step Restore via IDrive® Basic Client

1-Step Restore

Restore your entire computer and OS with the entire machine backup folder created via the IDrive® desktop application. One-step restore recovers your complete machine by using the backed-up boot files directly from the cloud. This process helps to seamlessly recover the OS to its earlier state, with the same partitions as the original computer. You can restore the data to a different computer, either with similar or dissimilar hardware.


Steps to recover your entire machine backup, including the OS, to similar or dissimilar hardware via IDrive® Desktop Application

  1. Connect the WinRE boot disk (USB bootable flash drive) to the computer.
  2. Launch the computer from the USB to boot to the Windows Recovery Environment. The Entire Machine Restore wizard will be displayed.
  3. Sign in to your IDrive® cloud backup account. In case your account is configured with private encryption, you will be prompted to enter the private key. Provide the private key to proceed.
  4. idrive
  5. Select the entire-machine-backup folder (IDMachineBackup) from IDrive® account (Cloud) or Local, Wi-Fi or Express device or snapshot
  6. Note: You can also restore the 'IDMachineBackup' folder from a network location. Select the 'Restore from Local, Wi-Fi or Express device' option and choose the required network location. Click 'Verify access to a network location for backup'. In the 'Network Details' popup, enter the UNC path ("\\IP Address or Computer name\dir") of Network\NAS location, your username (domain\username), and password for network authentication. Click the 'Validate' button.

  7. Select the hard disk to which you wish to restore the entire machine-backup folder.
  8. idrive
  9. Click 'Restore Now'.
  10. A popup message will request confirmation as restoring a machine backup will overwrite all existing content of the drive. Click 'Yes' to proceed.


    You can view the progress of the restore on the Entire Machine Restore window. Once the restoration is complete, select your hard disk in BIOS and boot your computer to get the operating system.

    Note: After successful restore install Windows OS updates in the restored system.


Network configuration

You must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet for downloading the IDMachinebackup folder.

To connect to Wi-Fi ,

  1. Click 'Network configuration' and then click 'Connect to the Wi-Fi'.
  2. idrive
  3. Select the Wi-Fi network profile.
  4. idrive
  5. Enter Password to connect.
  6. idrive

Similarly, you can configure the connected network for downloading the IDMachineBackup folder.

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