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Restore Microsoft SQL Server

Restore Microsoft SQL Server

IDrive lets you restore database backup file to a different database and perform point-in-time database recovery.

To restore,

  1. Login to the IDrive application and click the 'Restore' tab.
  2. Locate and select the database backup file (IDSQLBackup) in your IDrive account.
  3. Click the 'Restore Now' button, to restore the database backup file (IDSQLBackup) to the local computer.
  4. Once the IDSQLBackup file has been successfully restored, click the 'Server Backup' tab.
  5. Click 'Restore', under MS SQL Server section.
  6. Provide the relevant MS SQL Server authentication information when prompted.
  7. Browse and choose the database backup (IDSQLBackup) file (restored earlier from your IDrive account).
  8. The 'SQL Server backup/restore' screen is displayed.
  9. Click the 'Restore' button to restore selected database backup file (*.dmp) to your MS SQL Server.

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