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PC PRO Best Value Award

PC PRO Best Value Award

Issue: 169  Date: Sep 08, 2008

PRICE: Free for 2 GB, USD 4.95 per month/USD 49.95 per year for 150 GB (Personal);
Business: USD 9.95 per month/USD 99.95 per year for 50 GB

Verdict: A flexible, high-speed backup service at a price that's more than reasonable.
IDrive Online Backup Classic

IDrive hits a reasonable balance between the consumer-focused simplicity of Carbonite and the aspirational features of Mozy and SOS. The basic interface is a simple pair of Explorer tree views, but IDrive also features a File Selection wizard that covers the user data for a large number of popular applications.

Other great features include a gauge to see how much of your purchased capacity you're taking up and a bandwidth throttle in the backup status window. You can also create scheduled backups or set the service to back up while idle.

Restoring data is easy, whether you choose to restore files and folders from the main Classic view or the Windows Explorer-style IDrive Explorer, which is accessible directly from My Computer.

A web-based restore process helps when moving or restoring files to a second PC. IDrive stores up to 30 versions of each file; restoring a different version is a matter of a simple right-click. Versions aren't counted within your purchased capacity, and the service uploads only the changed portions of altered files or folders, saving time and bandwidth.

Continuous backup is a strength, with IDrive spotting and uploading changed files within ten minutes of alteration (and sometimes within four). Files are protected by 128-bit SSL during transfer and 256-bit AES in storage, held and mirrored at a secure fire- and earthquake-proof UK datacenter. Pro users also have their data mirrored at another location, and a user-defined key can be set.

IDrive provides a 2GB account free, while a Pro account gets you up to 150GB, telephone support and the ability to manage multiple accounts from one central account, along with email notification and status reports.

The icing on the cake is the speed of the service. IDrive was only two seconds slower than Backup Direct when creating the initial backup, and provided the third-fastest full restore, giving it the edge over the similar Mozy service. It isn't as easy to use as Carbonite, but it's a well-featured and highly tweakable product, and the free account will cover many users' needs.

IDrive Specifications

Annual fee 2GB Free   Drag and drop Restore only
Annual fee 10GB N/A   Automatic backups Yes
Annual fee unlimited N/A   Live protection Yes
Other Personal: 150 GB for USD 4.95 per month/USD 49.95 per year; Business: 50 GB for USD 9.95/USD 99.95   Physical backups provided Yes
Supplier www.idrive.com   Physical media uploads No
Location of datacenters US   Backup open/locked files Yes
Encryption 256-bit AES      

Key: Prices correct at time of going to press.