2007 News Releases / Coverage

Online Backup Company Adds Web Browser Based Access, Retrieval, Advanced Search Capability and Management Functions to its Flagship Product IDrive-E

(PRWEB) June 25, 2007 -- Pro-softnet Corp. has released a new web-based data access/retrieval/advanced search and data management console to its IDrive-E (https://www.idrive.com) service -- targeted at the small business segment that need to backup data and have a control on user account and data management.

The hugely successful and popular online backup service offering, IDrive-E (https://www.idrive.com), has added the ability to create and manage multiple PC backup accounts from one single account to cater to small businesses.

Further, the IDrive-E interface has been made even more easy to use with browser-based capability to access/retrieve any individual version of a backed up file from any web browser in the world. Your backed up files on IDrive-E are just a click of a button away! This also comes feature packed with an advanced search functionality that allows you to track your files/folders on the go.

Says Ms. D Shwetha Jain, a Technical Manager at IDrive-E, "Users want to retrieve and access their backed up data anytime, anyplace. In response to this we decided to add the browser-based capability to cater to their needs. It benefits users who are on the move and wish to have a no-frills data retrieval mechanism without the necessity of downloading large programs that are a drain on their time and thereby productivity (http://www.idrive.com/online-backup-web-client.htm). Searches for files/folders backed up onto IDrive-E have been made extremely simple and fast - two very fundamental aspects -- in keeping with the overall IDrive-E philosophy.

Explains Ms. Shwetha; "Currently the IDrive-E Pro service is available at $4.95 per month or $49.50 per year. What is important to note is that there can be one main IDrive-E Pro account holder and under that there can be a whole lot of individual PC accounts that can be created and managed under the main account. This is where it adds maximum value for the customer, as we don't charge on a licensing basis for each additional account/PC. We have a definite pricing advantage unparalleled by competition. For further details on our pricing, please see http://idrive.com/pricing.htm ."

IDrive-E's philosophy is simple -- 'backups for one and all and offered at the highest value with great service'.

"While we might be offering what is essentially an extremely affordable and a value proposition for small businesses, it is important to note that the solution is entirely feature packed and comes with the same level of technical support and customer support that has always set apart the company from competition. The web browser based approach is revolutionary in the sense it does not rely on lengthy program downloads -- its all very quick and efficient and its performance is unmatched by competition thus far. Search is no different. You have lightening fast access to your backed up data while on the move thereby reducing time and enhancing productivity," explains Mr. Vasant, a senior technical architect at IDrive-E.

Says Mr. Vasant, "Ease of use has always been a hallmark of IDrive-E that separates it from competition. Performance of the product is yet another feature that is unmatched by competition. Our data security procedures are one of the best in the industry. Add to this the strong emphasis IDrive-E (http://idrive.com/ide_security.htm) lays on security compliance with its strong 128-bit mandated SSL encryption for all data transfers and as though that was not enough, it also enforces an additional 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest. This security system is so comprehensive that prying eyes on the Internet can be kept completely at bay putting user data security as a paramount security aspect of the IDrive-E (http://idrive.com/ide_security.htm) offering.

About IDrive-E
IDrive-E (https://www.idrive.com) is an online consumer backup offering. This offering comes absolutely free of cost to consumers for storage of up to 2 GB and the IDrive-E unlimited plan allows consumers to backup unlimited amount of data for a modest $4.95 per month.

IDrive-E, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., is a leading SSP on the Internet and possibly the largest Integrated Online Storage and Backup Provider. Based in Woodland Hills, Pro Softnet Corporation was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed customized online storage assignments for many Fortune 500 Companies.

We encourage you to set up a free trial and evaluate IDrive-E. (https://www.idrive.com)