Affordable cloud storage for artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) refers to simulating human intelligence in computers. Machine learning (ML) a branch of study in AI makes this simulation possible by using algorithms to process data and learn or draw conclusions from it, without human instructions.

AI/ML technologies are poised to help organizations achieve revolutionary goals — by extracting value from data. The artificial intelligence models combine the techniques of machine learning with deep learning to build sophisticated automation, investigation, navigation, and prediction tools across industries. The industry use cases for AI/ML projects can range from, but is not limited to, training computer programs to drive in any environment without accidents to building advanced robotics that can detect and identify diseases and cancerous cells.

AI/ML systems are trained to make intelligent decisions using large volumes of data; the more the data analysis, the better the systems. The more complex the project/parameters, the proportionally high the number of data samples for training. These projects demand expertise, customized hardware and software, which are expensive. A reliable and affordable data storage system is crucial for successful implementation.

This is where IDrive® e2 comes in! With a pricing that will cost you 90% less than AWS and other first-generation solutions, the fast, secure, and highly reliable hot S3-compatible object storage makes the perfect fit for your AI/ML ventures. That's not it — IDrive® e2 is infinitely scalable and ensures data protection with eleven 9s object durability!

On-demand compute servers for AI/ML

Increase your computing power with the maximum number of CPU cores. Leverage edge infrastructure in the same network as your IDrive® e2 region.

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Industry use case of AI and ML

Industrial IoT

Store big dynamic industrial data and run S3-compliant APIs, kits, and services via a network of globally linked servers.

Life Sciences

Enable AI to optimize the processing of bulk data — cloud to cloud/local — across healthcare and commercial industries.

Manage Media

Leverage highly efficient and easily scalable storage and enable AI/ML to run petabytes of media faster and more accurately.

CPU-optimized compute instances

Run demanding computations for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Fill out the contact form below to share your requirements.