Arcserve UDP

Secure, access, and optimize IDrive® e2 data using Arcserve UDP. Create S3 Access Keys to integrate IDrive® e2 with Arcserve.

  1. Create a user account on and navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Go to Access Keys and click Create Access Key.
  3. Once the Access Key ID and Secret Key is generated, click Download.
  4. Log in to Arcserve UDP and click resources.
  5. Go to the Destinations tab and click Cloud Accounts to add the cloud storage destination.
  6. Click Add a Cloud Account and enter the following details:
    • Enter the Storage Name. Storage name must be unique as it will be added to the console for cloud account identification.
    • Under Storage Service drop-down, select Amazon S3-compatible.
  7. Enter the Access Key details obtained from your IDrive® e2 account and click OK.
    IDrive® e2 will be added as your cloud storage location.

Note: Data restoration is handled by your specific backup solution provider and is affected by multiple variables that are unique to your environment. For application-related enquiries/support, it is strongly recommended you seek guidance from the technical team of your backup solution provider.