S3 compatibility API support

S3 API is employed by cloud-native applications to interact with object storage. However, all object storage companies don't provide comprehensive S3 API support. While some only offer API support with limited functionality, others provide compatibility with a few selected S3-enabled applications and tools.

IDrive® e2 object storage platform focuses on providing comprehensive S3 compatibility. As an AWS S3 alternative, it offers a strong S3 API compatibility for effortless interoperability in diverse computing environments. Its S3 API can be seamlessly implemented with thousands of cloud-native applications and combinations, enabling them to leverage the data stored in IDrive® e2 object storage with minimal effort.

Standardized S3 Storage

Leveraging the standardized IDrive® e2 API codes, S3-enabled applications can effortlessly transfer, sync, access, and manage the data in the IDrive® e2 object storage, at any location.

AWS Signature Support

IDrive® e2 supports AWS Signature Version 4 and deprecated Signature Version 2 for S3 client authentication. Access to an IDrive® e2 API is authenticated with the assigned policy controls.

S3 Compatible Use Cases

With the help of the IDrive® e2 S3 compatibility API, a piece of data written to the object storage using S3 API can be read back by the native cloud applications.

IDrive® e2 users can employ S3 clients like Cyberduck, Cloudflare, Fastly, Duplicati, etc. to manage their data repositories and databases. Also, backup applications such as Synology, Rclone, WinSCP, Veeam, etc. can use the IDrive® e2 cloud storage to manage a huge amount of data on the cloud.