What can you backup?


Backup and access all of your organizational data on a single platform.


Backup all your servers and secure applications, files, and databases.


Flexible data transfer of all your VMs to the cloud.

NAS devices

Create a secondary repository for all the data in your NAS devices.

More than cloud storage and data archiving

Essential e-commerce archive

Host e-commerce business closer to end user for faster performance.

Business compliance & legal needs

Meet industrial mandates with a solution that complies with the standards.

Content delivery

Work with modern content storage and distribution solutions.

Why IDrive® e2?

Data migration

Migrate data from local storage or cloud to e2 storage using your existing S3 tools.


Pay for what you store with zero additional charges for download, file deletion, and minimal data retention.

Data protection

Implement object lock and secure against data loss from accidental deletion or modification.

No tiers

Single tier storage with quick data access and retrieval, for active and inactive archives.


Store multiple copies of your data without additional cost and ensure high availability.