Use EditShare FLEX Sync with IDrive® e2

EditShare FLEX Sync is an easy-to-use cloud media synchronization and archive solution. You can use IDrive® e2 to store EditShare FLEX Sync data.

Reference Architecture

Here is a reference architecture for EditShare and IDrive® e2 integration.


  1. An active IDrive® e2 account. Sign up here if you do not have one.
  2. A bucket in IDrive® e2. See how to create a bucket and assign public access to it.
  3. Valid Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Learn how to create an access key.
  4. EditShare 2022.
  5. EditShare Advanced Platform License and EditShare FLEX Sync License.
  6. Additional EditShare 1RU server required to run FLEX Sync application.

Connect IDrive® e2 storage with EditShare FLEX Sync

EditShare FLEX Sync is installed & configured by the EditShare services team. For further questions, contact .

Note: Data restoration is handled by your specific backup solution provider and is affected by multiple variables that are unique to your environment. For application-related enquiries/support, it is strongly recommended you seek guidance from the technical team of your backup solution provider.