GoodSync lets you backup and sync data to and from your IDrive® e2 cloud storage. Create S3 Access Keys from your IDrive® e2 account and use them to establish a connection in GoodSync.

To access IDrive® e2 using S3 Access Keys,

  1. Select 'Amazon S3' from the Jobs source/destination popup.
  2. Enable endpoint and access key and secret key at IDrive® e2 and enter the credentials in the Amazon S3 connector form. Know more about Access keys.
  3. Click 'Test', and upon successful validation click 'Save'.

You can now use your IDrive® e2 object storage buckets to sync/backup from GoodSync.

Note: Data restoration is handled by your specific backup solution provider and is affected by multiple variables that are unique to your environment. For application-related enquiries/support, it is strongly recommended you seek guidance from the technical team of your backup solution provider.