How do I use Contabo with IDrive® e2?

Contabo is a provider of affordable Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers, and web hosting solutions. The IDrive® e2 storage data centers are located in very close proximity of the Contabo data centers. This allows you to easily combine Contabo + IDrive® e2 and build a low-cost, high-performing, and secure compute + storage infrastructure.

You can use the Contabo resources to host storage and other applications and connect them to IDrive® e2. Your applications, websites, media workflows, etc., hosted on Contabo can be configured to utilize IDrive® e2 using an S3 interface.

Contabo data centers that are close to IDrive® e2 data centers

Contabo Data center IDrive® e2 Data center Latency in milliseconds
US West (Seattle) Oregon 4
US East (New York) Virginia 7
US Central(St. Louis) Chicago 7
United Kingdom Virginia 3
Germany Frankfurt 3.5
Singapore Singapore 15

IDrive® e2 - Benefits and Offerings

  • 90% cheaper than AWS S3
  • No ingress and egress charges
  • No API transaction charges
  • Ransomware protection
  • Eleven 9s data durability
  • Multiple Edge locations
  • Deploy data closer to end users
  • Faster access and low latency
  • Immutable storage with object lock