How do I use Oracle Cloud with IDrive® e2?

Oracle Cloud is a leading provider of servers, storage, network, applications, and cloud computing services. As the IDrive® e2 storage data centers are located very close to Oracle Cloud data centers, you can easily combine the two. This combination of Oracle Cloud + IDrive® e2 provides you with a low-cost, high-performing, and secure compute + storage infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be used to host storage and other applications that can connect to IDrive® e2. You can host your applications on Oracle Cloud and configure them to point to IDrive® e2 using an S3 interface.

Oracle Cloud data centers that are close to IDrive® e2 data centers

Oracle Cloud Data center IDrive® e2 Data center Latency in milliseconds
US East (Ashburn) Virginia 1.1
US West (Phoenix) Phoenix 1.7
Canada Southeast (Toronto) Montreal 7.5
UK South (London) London 1.1
Germany Central (Frankfurt) Frankfurt 0.5
Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) Frankfurt 6.2

IDrive® e2 - Benefits and Offerings

  • 90% cheaper than AWS S3
  • No ingress and egress charges
  • No API transaction charges
  • Ransomware protection
  • Eleven 9s data durability
  • Multiple Edge locations
  • Deploy data closer to end users
  • Faster access and low latency
  • Immutable storage with object lock