S3 compatible cloud storage for large audio files, videos, and images

OTT platform storage

Store and share data for your OTT platform while saving the budget.

Manage digital library

Move digital assets from local or cloud storage without interrupting production.

Media agency

Handle media workflow, from creation to distribution, with scalable storage.


Store billions of media data, including photos and videos, in high resolution.

Why IDrive® e2 object cloud storage?

Data Migration

Use your existing S3 compatible tools to migrate data from other S3 compatible storage to IDrive® e2 storage.

High efficiency

Eleven 9's amount of data durability and industry-standard encryption to archive large amounts of data securely.


Media hosting costs with IDrive ® e2 are affordable for various storage needs like archiving, raw footage, distribution, etc.


Tierless storage, with up to 3X free egress and no charges for minimum storage, deletion, and ingress.