Fast object storage with simple pricing

With high durability and availability of data, it is the perfect choice for storing critical, primary, and archival data. IDrive® e2 supports easy S3 integrations via S3 access keys and is compatible with your current process. Manage your data on the cloud as needed with free ingress and egress policy.

No egress fee

Access, upload, and download data with high performance, without any concerns of a bank-breaking bill. IDrive® e2 pricing is straightforward with no hidden charges.

Enhance performance with edge servers

Host your data in edge locations that are geographically closer to your customers and ensure faster network, ease of data access, and low latency.

Easy S3 integrations

No need to change your workflow! Use your existing S3 functions, tools, utilities, libraries, plugins, and extensions to work with IDrive® e2 cloud object storage.

Data security and ransomware protection

Custom-secure your data against malware and accidental data modifications/deletions with a combination of object lock, versioning, and data retention features.

Build your multi-cloud infrastructure with IDrive® e2

No constraints

Store your data without paying egress, Ingress, API calls, or any vendor lock-in restriction.

Effortless interoperability

Grow your multi-cloud setup without limiting your choice of services and resources.

Develop robust infrastructure

Move your cloud data between applications and platforms.

Tier-less pricing

Cut down on cloud storage costs with tireless pricing. Pay only for what you store.

Key features

  • Comprehensive S3 API compatibility
  • Immutable storage with object storage
  • Interoperability across diverse computing environment
  • File lock, versioning, and retention
  • Quick uploads and downloads
  • Zero ingress and egress charges