What is object lock?

Object lock enhances the security of the data in your cloud object storage by making them immutable. No one can delete, alter, or overwrite the files or objects that are designated as immutable until the end of the retention period.

Making objects immutable eliminates the risk of errant deletion or ransomware attack. With support for S3 object lock from IDrive® e2, create immutable copies of files to make them immune from cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks.

Modes of data retention in IDrive® e2

Compliance mode: In this mode the object cannot be modified by any user or even IDrive® e2 personnel until the end of their retention period. The retention date of such an object also cannot be shortened.

Governance mode: In this mode only the account owner or the root user can modify the retention settings.

Why is immutable data important?

Ransomware protection

Object lock ensures data that moves into IDrive® e2 storage remains unaltered till the end of retention period. You can also recover the latest uncorrupted version.

Untampered evidence

Produce an unaltered version of digital evidence, maintain a chain of custody with immutable copies during legal proceedings.

Business compliance

Comply with government and industry regulations for securing and preserving electronic data.