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Tier-less object storage for securing educational data with faster access

IDrive® e2 offers a reliable S3-compatible object storage solution for schools and educational institutions to meet data growth, storage, and quick access requirements. Backup and restore massive volumes of raw, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers.

Why do you need a hot cloud storage for your educational data?

Disaster recovery

Keeping data safely stored in hot cloud storage ensures that the critical data is available for a quick restore anytime, anywhere, thereby reducing downtime.

Optimize data architecture

With a huge network of edge locations, educational institutes can create storage near students and educators for faster access.

Ransomware protection

Protect sensitive data against loss from malware attacks with object lock, versioning, and data retention.


Educational institutes require a scalable storage space for the ever-increasing data. The cloud never runs out of space; scale as your demand grows.

IDrive® e2 for securing K-12 schools, colleges, and universities data

Budget optimization

IDrive® e2 offers a highly scalable solution that is 90% cheaper than AWS. With its free egress policy and no minimum retention period you save on costs without compromise.

Simplified storage

The user-friendly APIs make it easy for institutes to integrate IDrive® e2 into their backup and recovery solutions. Save time with all data from NAS devices, remote servers, and VMs in one place.

High-speed uploads and downloads

With 15 storage regions across the globe, it offers reduced latency as educational resources can be deployed near students and staff.

Immutable backup for ransomware protection

S3 object lock for immutability ensures that objects once designated as immutable cannot be deleted, altered, or overwritten until the end of the retention period.

Durable and reliable

The S3 compatible storage provides eleven 9s of data durability that ensures the safety of your valuable educational data from damage and degradation.

Data compliance

Meet compliance requirements by storing your educational data in the cloud with encryption, immutability, and data centers with top-notch safety measures.

Pay less and store more with IDrive® e2

Know how IDrive® e2 offers affordable storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage solutions

Save 50%
Starts at $30.00/year
$15.00 First year
$1,338/year $1,238/year $1,757/year
Free $0.06 $0.05 $0.08
$4/month $112/month $103/month $146/month
Free $0.09 $0.08 $0.01


  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud pricing are gathered periodically from their respective websites.
  • Egress is calculated as per the free egress policy.

Secure data storage for educational institutions with IDrive® e2