S3-compatible cloud storage

IDrive® e2 is a cloud object storage solution and an easy add-on to existing processes and solutions like backup, archiving, cloud replication, video surveillance systems, media production tools, and more. With the IDrive® e2 Reseller Program, you get to offer your customers fast and large volumes of cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage solutions. Cheaper than AWS S3, IDrive® e2 has a free ingress and egress policy.

Program benefits

Enterprise-grade object storage

  • Manage customers’ storage accounts from a single dashboard
  • Meet the latest standards of data management with eleven 9s data durability, immutable storage, and storage policies
  • Offer petabytes of application, service, and workflow storage with quick uploads and downloads, accessible from a centralized web console
  • Optimize archival with no-tier storage

Migrate to a cost-effective storage

  • Make a lucrative switch from on-premise data storage to IDrive® e2 and eliminate handling and maintenance costs
  • Migrate data from other cloud providers to IDrive® e2 and eliminate additional charges on upload, download, or file deletion
  • Effortlessly pair with current S3 applications, data management tools, and gateways via S3 API integrations

Reseller APIs

Integrate entire user management and provision IDrive® e2 cloud storage from any of your internal systems by using Reseller APIs. These APIs allow organizations to create, remove, and list users, enable storage regions, obtain Access Keys, white label storage endpoint URLs, and more.

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White labeling IDrive® e2

Qualified partners or MSPs who want to resell their IDrive® e2 cloud object storage to customers at a price they determine can use the White labeling URL capability in IDrive® e2. They can provide IDrive® e2 object storage with a whitelabeled (custom) URL as a bundled offering with their other services.

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idrive e2

15 regions across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia

Deliver high-performance storage with low latency via a distributed network of servers. Your customers can deploy applications, services, and critical databases closer to end-user regions and achieve seamless operations.

IDrive® e2 Compliance

HIPAA Compliance
GDPR Compliance
PCI Compliance
SOC 2 Type 2
FIPS Compliance
Data Center Security

Cloud storage to help MSPs boost margins

Recurring Revenues

Our high-performing cloud storage along with straightforward pricing, convenient management tools and simple onboarding process, allows MSPs to make profits while offering lower prices than traditional cloud storage.

Centralized Management

The web-based console lets you streamline all your reseller operations from creating and managing customer accounts to handling cloud storage and billing. You can also use APIs to automate tasks for user management and storage provisioning.

S3 Compatibility

IDrive® e2 offers S3 API compatibility and can be easily used with existing S3 functions, tools, utilities, plugins, and extensions. The common use cases include backup, archiving, cloud replication, video surveillance systems, media production tools, and more.