What is S3 Object Storage?

S3 object storage refers to Amazon's Simple Storage Service. It allows businesses to store any amount of data they want at an affordable cost. You can also store almost any type of data with S3 compatible object storage, including data lakes, cloud-native applications, and mobile apps.

Due to the ability to store almost any type of data, its use-cases are fairly widespread. The most common use-cases for S3 include data archiving, backing up critical data, disaster recovery, big data analytics, and cloud-native app data.

S3 Storage Cost

While S3 object storage refers to Amazon's Simple Storage Service, many competitors now offer S3 compatible object storage at a lower cost. These costs vary based on how often you need to access the data and the overall amount of data you store through their service. Meanwhile, IDrive® e2 offers predictable pricing models of S3 object storage for as low as $20/TB/Year, which is typically 90% less than AWS S3.

IDrive® e2 S3 Compatible storage benefits

The S3-compatible API connectivity option for IDrive® e2 provides a S3-compliant interface for IT professionals to use with their S3-compatible storage applications, gateways, and other platforms.

  • Scalable storage - Store a petabyte-scale of unstructured data. Your storage grows limitlessly with your data.
  • Interoperability - Since e2 storage is S3 compatible, it can be used with various S3 tools and applications.
  • High availability - Object storage provides eleven 9s of data durability and objects can be accessed directly via an HTTP request.
  • Affordable - Save money on cloud storage plans; zero charges for ingress or egress make IDrive® e2 comparatively affordable than competitors.

Fast object storage solution with S3 API compatibility