Integrate SyncBackPro with IDrive® e2

SyncBackPro is a sync tool for the Windows platform. Use SyncBackPro to backup your Windows computers and Servers to IDrive® e2 hot cloud storage with ease. Learn more about SyncBackPro.


Before uploading files using SyncBackPro, you require:

  1. An active IDrive® e2 account. Sign up here if you do not have one.
  2. A bucket in IDrive® e2. See how to create a bucket.
  3. Valid Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Learn how to create an access key.
  4. Download SyncBackPro.

Configure SyncBackPro with IDrive® e2

  1. Click New to create a profile.
  2. Enter a profile name and click Next.
  3. Select Backup and click Next.
  4. Enable S3 Compatible check box.
  5. Select Destination (Amazon S3 or compatible service) and remove the source..
    1. Enter your IDrive® e2 S3 endpoint as the service URL.
    2. Enter your IDrive® e2 Access Key ID as Access Key.
    3. Enter your IDrive® e2 Secret Key as the Secret Key.
    4. Click Refresh to get available S3 buckets in that region.
    5. Select the bucket that will contain your backed-up files and click Done.
  6. Choose a directory for source.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Select added Job and click RUN.
    1. Confirm both source and destination.
    2. Click Continue Run.

      The user can see the progress of their backup.

Note: Data restoration is handled by your specific backup solution provider and is affected by multiple variables that are unique to your environment. For application-related enquiries/support, it is strongly recommended you seek guidance from the technical team of your backup solution provider.