Configure Cloud Storage in BackupExec

Veritas assists in managing huge volumes of data that's critical to small, medium or large sized companies. The integration of IDrive® e2 and Veritas helps protect the data, improve end-to-end performance and extend scalability of the enterprise data management.

Note: To initiate cloud storage configuration, the BackupExec environment must be updated to version 22 or later.

To configure cloud storage,

  1. From the BackupExec console click Storage then select Configure Cloud Storage.
  2. Provide name and description for the cloud storage and click Next.
  3. Select S3 and click the information box to configure the S3 Compatible cloud storage provider.
  4. In the configurator, configure as below:
    • Select Create Cloud Instance Radio Button
    • Service Host: Endpoint address of the Access key you created previously
    • SSL mode:Full
    • URL Style: Path
    • Provider: compatible-with-s3
  5. Select Generate to generate the command to define the S3 compatible provider.
  6. Click the Execute Command to create the S3 Compatible Provider. This completes creating S3 compatible provider.
  7. In the Cloud Storage Configuration wizard click Next.
  8. Choose the Cloud Storage Provider that you just defined and click Add/Edit.
  9. Click Add to enter a new login account.
  10. Enter username(Access Key ID) & Password (Secret Access Key) and click Next. Know more about IDrive® e2 Access Keys.
  11. You now have both your Cloud Storage Provider selected and your Login Account selected, click Next.
  12. Choose the bucket you created earlier for your backup target, then click Next.
  13. You can adjust the number of concurrent operations. The default is 2 but this can be increased to potentially improve performance. See info note at bottom of the box.
  14. Summary of your Cloud Storage Configuration. Select Finish & restart backup exec services.

Note: Data restoration is handled by your specific backup solution provider and is affected by multiple variables that are unique to your environment. For application-related enquiries/support, it is strongly recommended you seek guidance from the technical team of your backup solution provider.