Sub-accounts *

Create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console

A sub-account is just like a regular IDrive account that you can create using your online storage space. Any Business plan user can create sub-accounts for associates or business departments. Using Sub-accounts, you can backup any number of PCs, Macs and smart phones.

Single administrator console

You can create, allocate space, view account activities and review backup reports of all your sub-accounts.

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Create multiple accounts

You can create unlimited sub-accounts, of any size, from your IDrive account. The first 10 sub-accounts are free. An annual fee of $20 will be charged per additional sub-account. We highly recommend that a maximum count of five computers per sub-account (while there is no enforced limit) must be maintained for best performance and reliability.

Monitor backups

View summarized status of sub-account's backups for all linked computers and mobile devices, under 'Backup Summary'. You can also view detailed logs of all backup activities for the last 7 days using 'Backup Report'.

View activity logs

You can view history of the activities performed by the sub-account user in a browser session. You can track login / logout activities, file operations like upload, download, share, etc.

* Note: The sub-accounts option is only available for accounts created before March 5, 2020.